Premium Quality

Years of research and development have yielded high quality synthetic turf products that not only look like the real thing, but function well for lasting durability. ForeverLawn® Landscape artificial grass products are crafted with the highest quality materials available.

Natural Grass Appearance

Our artificial grass is great for replicating a natural grass look and feel in any environment. Get the soft, lush, green grass you’ve been dreaming of without all the work.

Lasting Durability

Our products are made with the highest attention to detail. With dense blade construction, strong seaming, and high quality yarn, every aspect of our synthetic turf is designed to last.

Distinguishing Features

The proprietary LegacyFiber™ yarn found in ForeverLawn Fusion is just one example of how we integrate distinguishing features into our artificial grass that you won’t find with other brands.

Seaming to Stand the Test of Time

Our proprietary backing and seaming system is designed to provide lasting durability. Our seams are secure enough to tow a truck and more than strong enough to hold up against foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and more.

Landscape Products

Premium artificial grass products boast a host of innovations to upgrade the beauty and functionality of your landscaping. See the architectural specs for our many installation options. View now


Unique proprietary, multi-layered, premium backing system with micromechanical seaming technology

1" Staples

One inch, 1/4" crown galvanized staples spaced every 3"

ForeverLawn synthetic turf
Concrete anchor
Adjacent surface such as sidewalk, patio, deck, or other
Existing sub-base
3/8" minus angular stone

Hidden, non-abrasive infill. Crumb rubber recommended. Envirofill coated sand or non-infill option available.

3" of 3/4" and smaller angular stone
12"-18" rebar through center drilled holes
Treated lumber nailer board

Typically 2x4 set 3/4" to 1" below patio or level surface

Natural grass

Select VR

Long and lush bright. For moderate traffic areas.

Select LX

Long and lush green/olive. For moderate traffic areas.

Select HD

Fresh cut bright. Resilient for high traffic areas.

Select EL

Fresh cut green/olive. Dense construction to limit infill requirements.

Fusion Elite

Withstands the effects of reflective heat from Low-e windows. Superior realism.

Fusion Pro

Heat resistant with shorter pile height for high-traffic areas.

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