Professional Installation

Even the highest quality product can fall short without the proper execution. We take our superior product and turn it into a superior solution with professional installation techniques.

Base prep, perimeter boards, cutting, seaming, securing and finishing—we evaluate every step to ensure your project is a success. With our proprietary backing and seaming system, we eliminate the problems often associated with glued seams. Our mechanically bonded seams make for a better looking install and one that will not be affected by changes in the temperature or weather.

Certification Program

All ForeverLawn® dealers must complete an installation certification program that stands above the others in the industry. In order to maintain our high standards, every artificial turf installer must learn professional techniques and best practices to ensure each installation is completed with consistent precision and attention to detail.

Support of Your Local Dealer

Unlike some synthetic turf companies who travel far distances to install turf and then call it a project completed, our network of dealers allows us to work closely with our clients and be there long after installation for support and assistance.

DIY Installations

If you’re committed to tackling your project yourself or live in an area where professional installation is not yet available, we have installation instructions available for your review or download below. You’re always welcome to reach out to our network of professionals for personalized advice about your project.

For larger commercial projects, there is typically a lot more involved with base prep, drainage, and specific installation techniques that may be best handled by a professional ForeverLawn Landscape installation team. Leveraging the experience of ForeverLawn and our professional installation is advisable.