Stress-Free Maintenance

When you think about how much time is spent mowing, fertilizing, weeding, reseeding, and edging your lawn, it really starts to add up. ForeverLawn® Landscape synthetic grass provides a low-maintenance solution that keeps your lawn looking lush and green without all the upkeep.

  • No weeding - Ripping out weeds probably isn’t on your list of fun weekend plans, and now it doesn’t have to be.
  • No mowing - Lawn mower maintenance and trips to refill the gas can are worries of the past with our artificial grass.
  • No edging - With ForeverLawn Landscape artificial turf, your landscape will always look sharp and pristine.
  • No regular watering - Do your part in conserving water by saying goodbye to regular watering while watching your water bills decrease.
  • No fertilizing - Cut out the harsh chemicals from your lawn care routine—our planet will thank you!

Instructions for Maintenance

Low-maintenance means it doesn’t take much to maintain, and that’s definitely true for our synthetic grass! Just a few simple tasks will keep your turf looking and performing great.

Download our Maintenance Guide for all the information you need on how to care for your synthetic grass. If you have specific questions about your installation, contact ForeverLawn or an authorized ForeverLawn dealer.