Commercial Landscaping

For hotels, event centers, retail outlets, car dealerships, and other commercial spaces, the outdoor lawn and landscaping plays an important role in the business.

ForeverLawn® Landscape artificial turf offers a beautiful, comfortable, realistic surface that customers will likely think is the real thing. But unlike natural grass, it doesn’t require all the costly upkeep! Our synthetic grass is more than just a surfacing solution, it’s an investment in your business.


Why Choose ForeverLawn for Commercial Landscaping?

Give Customers a Positive First Impression
Whether you’re hosting events out on the grand lawn, you’re displaying cars that are surrounded by landscaping, or you have walkways that are bordered with medians, grass is everywhere and it makes an impression on your customers. Make that impression a great one!

Dedicate More Time to the Things That Matter
Your business and your customers need more time and dedication—not your lawn. Those resources you’re dedicating to keeping your lawn looking good can be put to better use! With ForeverLawn Landscape artificial grass, there’s no more managing landscaping teams and lawn care schedules.

Choose a Surface That Will Last
In nearly any commercial application, you have to expect that your grassy areas will see a lot of heavy foot traffic. You don’t want your lawn looking tired and overused after one event or sale weekend! ForeverLawn Landscape synthetic grass is durable and is designed to withstand varying levels of foot traffic.