Is artificial turf a good investment?

Artificial turf is a great investment for both home and business owners because of the many benefits it provides. Not only does our turf improve curb appeal, but it also greatly improves the functionality of a space.

Here are just a few reasons why LandScapes by ForeverLawn artificial turf is a great investment for your home or business:

  • Year-Round Curb Appeal - In general, anything you add to a property that creates great curb appeal and makes a space appear cleaner and more usable is a good investment.
  • Long-Term Water Savings - Artificial grass is a particularly good investment for home or business owners looking to save money on costs involved with maintaining a lawn, such as water, gas or electricity for lawn equipment, fertilizers and pesticides, reseeding, etc.
  • Eliminates the Need for Fertilizers and Chemicals - When you consider what makes a good investment beyond just cost savings, you should consider the long-term benefits of avoiding harsh chemicals and fertilizers in your lawn.
  • Improved Functionality - The value in turning a once unusable space into a green oasis is huge, especially when it comes to resale value.

When it comes to long-term enjoyment and durability, LandScapes by ForeverLawn products get an A+. Check out this project from 15 years ago that still looks great today.


We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have about our turf. Contact the LandScapes by ForeverLawn team for more information, or to get started on your synthetic grass project!