How do you maintain artificial grass?

Regular maintenance with a blower, brush, and/or sweeper should be performed to remove dirt or debris, which accumulates on the turf as a result of use. Based on location and frequency of use, this should be done regularly in order to avoid excessive accumulation. Groom the grass with a plastic leaf rake, stiff bristled push broom, or power broom to help keep grass looking fresh. When doing this, pull the items against the lay of the turf to lift the blades. While not required, an occasional rinse with water will keep the grass clean. If there are questions on specifics for your installation, please contact the LandScapes by ForeverLawn team or an authorized ForeverLawn dealer.

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts for your new ForeverLawn synthetic grass:


  • Enjoy.
  • Play on.
  • Use.
  • Entertain on.


  • Expose to direct high heat (fire, coals, hot equipment such as a lid from a grill or a weed whacker). It is plastic and will curl or melt when exposed to high heat.
  • Get paint on the grass.
  • Use fertilizer on the grass. It actually won’t hurt it, but it isn’t needed either.
  • Mow or use power lawn care equipment on the grass.
  • Use harsh chemicals directly on the grass. For sanitation and cleaning we suggest our line of disinfectants and enzymes.


We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have about our turf. Contact the LandScapes by ForeverLawn team for more information, or to get started on your synthetic grass project!