Can you walk on artificial grass?

The short answer—absolutely. Our LandScapes by ForeverLawn products have each been designed to accommodate a different level of foot traffic. Just like natural grass, excessive foot traffic can cause blades to lay flat. However, unlike natural grass, our turf can easily be brushed out to return it to its lush appearance.

Not only can you walk on LandScapes artificial grass, you can also roll on it! ForeverLawn Fresh has a no-infill design that is ideal for applications where freedom of movement is a priority, such as in retirement homes or other places where wheelchair and walker access is important.

You can get a better sense of which products are best for your application based on foot traffic below.

LandScapes by ForeverLawn ProductDesigned for:
ForeverLawn® Select VRLight- to moderate-traffic areas
ForeverLawn® Select LXLight- to moderate-traffic areas
ForeverLawn® Select HDHigh-traffic areas
ForeverLawn® Select ELHigh-traffic areas
ForeverLawn Fusion™High-traffic areas
ForeverLawn Fresh™High-traffic areas


We’d be happy to answer any additional questions you have about our turf. Contact the LandScapes by ForeverLawn team for more information, or to get started on your synthetic grass project!